How to get started:
Once you create an account, you can click on the question mark icon on the upper right of your Formative page and you'll be able to quickly and easily access resources to help you the most out of Formative.

Instructions for students:
If you import your students from Google Classroom or Clever, accounts will be automatically created and your students will be able to access formatives directly from those platforms or sign into Formative using the SSO option.

If your students don't have Formative accounts, they can sign up here. Once they create an account, they can join your class on Formative using a join code for your class(es).

Alternatively, you can create accounts for your students directly from your Classes page. 

Once a student is in your class on Formative, they will automatically see formatives assigned to their class--there's no need for any more codes.

I signed up for the wrong account type:
If a student accidentally signs up as a teacher or a teacher as a student, here's how to get setup with the right account type.

How many students can you have in a class with Formative?

There isn't actually a limit to the amount of students you can have in a class in Formative. You should be able to add as many students as you wish to your classes.

How can I pay for Formative?
We offer a few different premium pricing plans to best fit your needs--individual teacher subscriptions, small teams/departments and school or district plans.

To upgrade your account individually, you can sign into your account and go to 'plan' by clicking on your initials in the upper right corner. Here you will be able to enter your credit card info. We're sorry but at this time we do not accept Purchase Orders for individual subscriptions.

We offer small team licenses to access exclusive team only benefits such as the ability to live collaborate, co-teach classes, a private library, admin features and more in addition to our other great premium features. 

We also offer subscriptions for your entire school or district that are designed to save even more and provide your school with personalized support. 

To find the best solution for your needs please visit our pricing page or reach out to us directly to speak with one of our awesome sales team members

Cancellation Policy:
You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to from within your account and clicking 'cancel' next to the plan. Your subscription will end before your next billing cycle.

If you believe a billing error has occurred, please contact us within 5 days to resolve this matter.

For billing related questions or concerns, please email

Terms and Privacy:
You can find our Terms of Service here and review our Privacy Policy here. Please direct specific questions regarding these to and we'll be happy to help. 

Supported Devices / Browsers

Formative can be accessed from any device that has a modern, up to date browser and stable high speed internet connection.

For desktop computers, we recommend you use the current stable version of Google Chrome or Firefox. Third party browsers based on Chrome or Firefox technology should also work.

On ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks), us Chrome.

On iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), use Safari. We support iOS devices running Safari versions 11 and up.

On Android devices, use the current stable version of Google Chrome. Devices that are too old to update to the latest version of Chrome are not supported.

Network Whitelisting

Schools and districts may need to whitelist the following sites in firewalls, adblockers, and content filters for Formative to function properly:


Who to contact if you need help:
Our team does our best to be available when you need help. Here's how to chat with us.

If you're unable to reach support via chat, you can contact us at

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