You can add one of your team members as a Co-Teacher to your class under the Classes page:

Once they're added, your co-teacher can edit, assign, and see class data for all formatives assigned to your shared class! Any formative you create and assign to your shared class will automatically appear on your co-teacher's dashboard and they will have edit and assign access to that formative.

Changed your mind? Simply return to the co-teachers list on the Classes page, and click the "X" next to their name.

Note: Your co-teacher has the ability to delete or modify formatives assigned to the shared class. If you do not want them to be able to do this, you will need to change their access on each formative to "Assign Only". Read about how to do that here.

FAQ and troubleshooting tips

  • "I tried to add a co-teacher to a class, but it says 'User not found.'" / "I received an email saying that my co-teacher needs to have a team license."

Your colleague must have been invited to your team, and accepted that invite, before they can be added as a co-teacher on a class. Please check with your team Admin or Org Manager that this person has been invited, and check with your colleague directly whether they have clicked the link in the invite email they received. You'll also get these messages if you misspelled your colleague's email address.

Once your colleague has been invited and accepted, you can re-add them as a co-teacher!

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