💘 "Show Your Work" stylus and touchscreen supports

If you use a stylus with an "eraser" function, you can now switch easily between drawing and erasing. You can also use your finger to press and hold any object to select and move on touchscreen devices.

💘 Feedback notifications in the student progress bar

Students can now see notifications in the progress bar when there's an unread message from a teacher on a question. They can easily click the icon to go directly to the feedback and respond.

💘 Pinch and Zoom and Multi-Touch Drawing

Users can now use two-finger pinch gestures to zoom in and out when viewing a "Show Your Work" canvas. You can also access Multi-Touch Drawing in "Show Your Work" through the options menu.

*Note: Selecting "Multi-Touch Drawing" option will disable pinch and zoom

💘 Improved scrolling on Enhanced pdf/image/doc

Your students never have to worry about missing a question again with our new and improved scrolling. Scrolling will now go through all questions on a pdf before moving onto the next item.

💘 Upload pdfs or docs to the background of a Show Your Work question

Now you can add pdfs anywhere you see the Add Image modal. Multi-page pdfs will appear as separate images on the canvas, and each page can be edited or removed.

*Note: This feature counts towards the 25 pages per month for free users.

💘 Change your Formative profile picture

Add a picture to your profile easily! Just follow the instructions in this article from our Help Center.

💘 Add and adjust student information from the Assign screen

When assigning to students, the student count icon is now clickable. This loads a popup that includes vital student info (like last login, reset password, student email address, etc), and allows teachers to add students on the fly!

💘 Request features in Formative

Our Formative Feedback page is where you can submit a new suggestion or vote on existing suggestions! You can also access this tool by clicking on the question mark icon in the upper right of your screen.

​💘 New filtering options in the Tracker

You can now filter the Tracker by Grade, Subject, and Common Assessments. Make sure to update your class information in the Classes page to take advantage of this feature!

*Note: Common assessments are a Partner School/Team feature only.

⭐️ Premium and Partner User Updates ⭐️

💘 Complete/incomplete grades with LTI Grade Passback

Enabling complete/incomplete grading is now an option! When enabled, it gives 100% to students who submitted. Teachers can also manually adjust the complete/ incomplete status prior to passing the grades back.

💘 Have your students upload pdfs or docs to the background of a Show Your Work question

Students of premium and partner teachers can also add pdfs or Google Docs to a Show Your Work canvas using the "Add Image" modal. This allows students to do work on another platform, e.g. Google Docs, which they can then upload it into Formative!

We hope that you are enjoying all of these new features. Keep an eye out for next month's updates!

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