🍂 Timer stays in the header for students! (⭐️ Premium Feature ⭐️)

Now when students scroll through a formative, they can always tell how much time they have left!

🍂 Sort by submission date in "View Responses" tab

Now you can tell which students have submitted most recently by sorting in the "View Responses" tab!

🍂 Adjust opacity in Show Your Work (great for highlighting text!)

You and your students are now able to highlight by changing the opacity under "Color"!

🍂 View timestamps for when students opened and submitted a formative

Hover over the gray dot or green check mark next to a student's name in "View Responses" to see a timestamp!

🍂 Change question type without losing the question or answer choices

Easily change a question type without having to reenter information! Be careful, though, this will still override student responses! Look out for the warning popup!

🍂 Force submit for multiple students

Choose if you want to auto-grade unanswered questions when submitting for multiple students!

🍂 Set the point value to "0"

For when you want students to respond, but you don't want it to affect their score! You can even still set an answer key so students know how they did!

🍂 Make a copy of a formative from within a formative!

No need to go back to your formatives dashboard anymore. This is a great option for making multiple versions of the same formative with ease!

We are constantly working to improve your experience with Formative and hope that you enjoy these updates! More updates to come next month!

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