Students will sometimes submit a formative before they have completed all of the questions. When they do this, we try to warn them by having this message pop up:

Formative does not have an "Un-Submit" option for students. However, there are several options to allow students to continue working and demonstrating their knowledge, even if they've already submitted their assignment.

Adjust your "After Submission" settings:

If you would like students to be able to continue editing their formative after submitting, make sure that your settings "Allow Edits" after students submit. There are many options for allowing students to edit after submitting. Click here to find out more.

Restrict an formative to individual students:

Once students have finished taking the formative, make sure that the formative is set to "Allow Edits" and then toggle "Restrict to Individual Students" to green. Now, only the students you allow to continue working will have access to the formative. Click here to find out how to restrict to individual students.

Allow students to start a formative over:

You can reset a student's formative by removing their responses in the "View Responses" tab. This will remove all data from the student so far, allowing them to start the formative over from scratch. Click here to learn more about removing student responses.

Assign a copy of your formative to certain students:

Make a clone of your formative and assign it to individual students as a way for them to retake the assignment. This will allow you to compare their growth by keeping the original data. Click here to learn more about copying formatives.

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