Premium users can set a time limit on any Formative. This will limit the amount of time a student has to complete the Formative, and will automatically submit when the time runs out. This can be particularly useful when conducting an assessment.

To set a Time Limit:

  1. Open the Formative and click "Assign."
  2. Select the class(es) you wish to assign it to.
  3. Find "Time Limit" under the "Adjust settings (optional)" section.
  4. Select a time from the blue drop down menu, or set a custom time.
  5. Click the blue "Update" at the bottom.

Your students will now have a time limit that will begin once they open the Formative!

Students will receive a warning screen before they begin the Formative letting them know that there will be a time limit.

Once students click "Start," they will be able to track how much time they have left in the menu at the top of the Formative.

Tip: You cannot add more time once a student's time has run out. However, you can always remove the time limit on an assignment by adjusting the time by following the steps above, or allow them to make edits after submitting.

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