If you are at a Partner school that uses Canvas, your Canvas administrator will be able to add Formative as an external app to Canvas through LTI. Once installed, you will be able to open Formative in Canvas, and create Canvas assignments that include formatives. Students will then be able to log in to Canvas to take formatives. You can pass grades back from Formative to Canvas's grade book, too!

After your school or district has added Formative as an external app, you may see a link to launch Formative in the menu on the left of the course content (depending on settings). You can click there to open Formative within Canvas:

You can also create a Canvas assignment that references a Formative assessment.

First, create your formative, and assign it to the relevant class in Formative in the usual way.

Then, navigate to the appropriate course and create an assignment in Canvas:

  1. If you intend to do Grade Passback later, make sure the assignment has a points value.
  2. Set the Submission Type to "External Tool"

You can either put the link to the formative into the External Tool URL:

Or, use the "Find" feature to choose an assessment and insert a link to it:

Afterwards you can click "Select" to close the "Find" modal and the "External Tool URL" field will have been filled in.

If you intend to do Grade Passback later, make sure that you uncheck the box marked "Load this tool in a new tab," so that students can take the formative directly in Canvas.

Then click "Save & Publish" when your assignment is ready!

The assignment will show the Formative interface within Canvas:

When students log in to Canvas, they can click on the assignment and Formative will load directly in Canvas for them.

Note: Students should not click on "Formative" in the menu on the left of the course content (if they see that as an option) when they log in to Canvas. This will log them in to Formative automatically, and they will be able to navigate to your assignment on their Formative dashboard. However, if they access the assignment this way, you will not be able to use grade passback. For grade passback to work, students must go through the Canvas assignment.

What's Next?

Learn how to pass grades back to Canvas once your students have responded!

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