Formative works with Clever for both educator and student login (SSO) and rostering classes at the individual teacher level. Here is what you need to know:

  • Districts and schools cannot automatically provision all teacher and student accounts in Formative through Clever. For alternative options for automatic provisioning, see this article about setting up a roster sync with your Student Information System or ClassLink.
  • However, teacher accounts can be manually created (see this article for more details), and then teachers can individually import their class rosters from Clever using our "Clever Roster Sync" button. This creates accounts for students and enables students to use Clever for single sign-on (SSO) to Formative. Formative does not need to be configured in any mode on your school/district Clever dashboard.
  • Teachers can also use Clever for SSO to Formative.

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SSO with Clever is available for educators, and SSO (including with badges) is available for students after classes have been synced with Clever.

When teachers sign up for an account (or activate an account created for them), they can choose "Sign in with Clever" to use Clever for SSO.

When students are rostered with Clever by teachers individually using the "Clever Roster Sync" button on their Classes tab, this automatically creates Formative accounts for those students. Students can simply click "Sign in with Clever" on our Login page to sign in and get started.

In order to use Clever for individual class rostering, do NOT install or configure Formative in your district or school's Clever dashboard in any mode ("SSO" or "SSO, Rostering"). If you do so, this will prohibit individual class rostering due to restrictions from Clever.

Please also note that if you wish to integrate Formative with a Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas, Blackbaud, Schoology), then teachers should not import their classes using the Clever Roster Sync button. Student accounts created this way do not have an email address associated with them, which is necessary for Learning Management System (LMS) integration to function properly. Please contact your Success Manager for other rostering options if you plan to integrate Formative with your LMS.

If teachers will not be using the Clever Roster Sync to import classes, then Formative can be installed in the District or School's Clever account:

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