If your students need to create accounts,

  1. Have them go to www.goformative.com
  2. Select sign up
  3. Select "I'm a student"
  4. Enter your class code (see below for how to find that on your Classes page)
  5. Sign in with Google, Clever, or Microsoft, or enter an email and password:

You can find your Class code by clicking on the "+" icon next to the number of students on your Classes page:

 If your students already have accounts:

  1. Direct students to www.goformative.com to log in
  2. Depending on their account, they may sign in with Google, Clever or with their Formative username/email 
  3. Once they're signed in, they can enter your class code where it says "Join a Class or Assignment":

Please note: students can use the same account to join multiple classes. 

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