To add a Show Your Work question:

  1. Click on the "+" icon
  2. Choose "Show Your Work" from the blue icons
  3. Type your question / instructions - these will appear at the top of the Show Your Work field when a student clicks on it
  4. Students can draw, type, or even upload an image into the Show Your Work field to answer the question!:

Tip:  you can draw, type, and upload images to the background before assigning the formative to your students! For example, you could:

  • Add a blank graph and ask students to add data points to it
  • Add an image or photograph and ask students to circle certain items in it
  • Add a graphic organizer and ask students to type in its fields.

Getting to know some of the Show Your Work Tools:

Select: This tool allows students to select, reshape, resize, and rotate any image or object on the Show Your Work canvas.

Pan: This tool lets students move around the canvas to create more space to work. Show Your Work is infinite, so students can truly work without limits!

Change text / line size: Click on the top tool in the toolbar to adjust the size and color of both lines AND text!

What's Next?

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