An Essay question is similar to a Short Answer but it provides more space to work and offers additional formatting options and tools for your students to get creative! Essay questions are limited to 10,000 characters so students have plenty of room to express their thoughts.

To add an Essay question:

  1. Click on the "+" icon 
  2. Choose "Essay" from the blue icons
  3. Type a question or prompt. Your students will be able to type their response!
  4. Optional: You can set correct answer(s) for auto-grading. 

Premium users: Enable partial match, case sensitivity, and Show Your Work for even greater control over auto-grading and insight into your students' understanding. Want Premium Features? Find out more here.

Tip: Teachers and students can highlight text for formatting options such as sub/superscripts, fractions, bullet points, hyperlinks and more!

** Essay Response from the students' view:

Students can type and can add to enhancements to their answers by clicking on the "blue plus sign". They can insert: audio, emojis, images, our math keyboard and upload videos (*this includes links from YouTube, Vimeo and Google video).

Students can record video submissions using the essay question !

  1. Click on the blue plus sign
  2. Select "Video"
  3. Students will be able to access all video options including recording a new/live video to respond to the question/command
  4. Click "Record video" and the red dot to start/end recording
  5. When finished, click "Add video" and the video will upload inside the text box

What's next? 

Learn how you can create Show Your Work questions!

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