To close a formative:

1. Visit the View Responses page

2. Click where it says 'open' next to the class you want to close the formative for

3. It'll change to 'closed'

Note: You can re-open the formative at any time. Depending on your return score settings, students may or may not see the formative in their account still.

If the formative is closed and scores aren't set to be returned, students will not see or be able to access the formative from their account. 

To close a formative and hide from student view:

  1. Go to the assign/share page
  2. Select the class its already assigned to (the name of the class will be in grey)
  3. Change your return score settings to 'don't show scores' and 'don't show answers'
  4. Click on the toggle to close
  5. Press 'update'

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