To assign a formative: 

  1. Click on "Assign/Share" from Edit, Preview, or View Responses page
  2.  Select Class or "Add New Class"
  3. Click on "Assign"
  4. Students in the class you've assigned to will automatically have access to the formative in their account or you can share the link by clicking "Get a Link" or embed it on another site!

Note: By default, your students will be unable to edit their responses after submitting the formative and will not receive scores and/or correct answers. You can update these "optional settings" at any time from the Assign/Share page--even if the formative is already assigned.

To assign your formative to guest students:

  1. Students not in your class can access a formative through a temporary guest account
  2. From the Assign/Share page, select "Guest Students" 
  3. Click "Assign"
  4. Join instructions along with a code for students to use will appear

Please note: Guest accounts are temporary accounts that students may use to take a formative. Students will be unable to log back into those accounts to see their scores, etc.

What's next?

Schedule a formative!

Learn how to update assign settings so you can return scores and/or enable edits after final submission!

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