You can upload PDFs, Word Docs, Google Docs, images, slides, and more - from your files or from Google Drive! 

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Enhance a PDF/Doc/Image/GoogleDoc" under "Upload Your Own Content"

  3. Select "Upload Picture, Upload Document or Pick from Google Drive" and choose the document you want to transform into a formative. You could even take a photograph using the "Take a Photo" option, and transform that!

To add questions, simply click anywhere on the PDF/Doc/Image/Google Doc where you would like your question to be. The questions will then appear on the right side, where you can choose the question type, tag standards, enter in the correct answer(s) and set the point value.

Note: The scroll bar is separate for both the document and the questions so that students can always reference the document while they answer questions. Also, you can pick up and drag the question numbers if you choose to move them!

FAQ and troubleshooting tips

  • When I try to upload, nothing happens.

If you are uploading a Google Doc, then you may be trying to upload from a Shared Drive that we do not have access to. Try downloading the Doc to your device, then re-uploading it.

Another possible reason for this is if you are trying to upload a file that is larger than your upload limit, or a file in an unsupported format. (Note: TextEdit files are often labelled as PDFs in Google Drive.) Try checking the file size, then try downloading the file and exporting or printing to PDF, and then upload it again.

What's Next?

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